New Update 17.06.2020

2020-06-17 11:59 

Hello everyone ,


New In-game changes,

We have added Sox drop DG 10 , now you can grind for SOX.
We have changed the FTW time to Friday 17:00 Server Time.


                                                           By AnonymousSRO Team !

New Update 31.05.2020

2020-05-31 10:16 

We have changed some things in game :

Exp/SP Decreased rate
Magic Stone and Attribute Stone Decreased rate on drop little bit
Magic Tablet and Jade Table is Disabled on drop
Elixirs Decreased rate on drop
Arrow and Bolt is Disabled
Anonymous Giant MOB Fixed drop - Immortal
- Astral
- Job Points scroll
- Anonymous Coins
- Anonymous Box

                                                 By AnonymousSRO Team !

New Update 22.05.2020

2020-05-22 14:31 

Hello everoyone ,


We make new update to fix some issues , and we change the host , now we have a nice and good host server ,\

Download new Mieda.pk2 from here : Download New Media.pk2


Thank you !

New Update 27.04.2020

2020-04-26 22:00 

We added New Uniques :

* Anonymous Giant MOB

* Cutthroat1 MOB

* Wolf Deadl

* Serpent Awful

* Giant Demon

To check where they spawn go on Discord

--> DISCORD <--
Or check from down below.
Giant Demon
Cutthroat1 MOB
Wolf Deadl
Serpent Awful
Anonymous Giant MOB


New Things added on Jangan Npc with Job Points : {Anonymous New Scroll}

* Reverse Scroll (Can be buy with Job Points)

* Global Chating (Can be buy with Job Points)

* Pirate Dress (F)-(M) (Can be buy with Job Points)

* Lucky Scroll (2%) (Can be buy with Job Points)

IMPORTANT! The Job Points is added to drop from New Uniques !

We added ROC Set to be the best and the last set !

Please Download Last Media.pk2 or Full Client who have problem :

--> From here <--

Hope all Enjoy it !

Facebook Event !

2020-04-11 14:10 

Hello everyone , we maked Facebook Event , who want to join and get some silks , just check the link !

Facebook Event!